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People are busier than ever!  In today’s world we demand everything to be instant, fast, simple and convenient!  We are becoming more impatient than ever. Mobile communication technology is revolutionizing the way we communicate both personally and professionally. Instant communication is no longer just for our family and friends, but is quickly becoming a powerful business communication tool. Business texting is a powerful and preferred communication method that will allow you to stay in touch with customers while they’re on the go, keep in steady contact with employees near and far, and help build your business through creative and affordable marketing strategies.

Here are 10 of many reasons why business texting works:


9 out of 10 people prefer texting over any other method of communication!  You may think it’s crazy, but you actually are losing potential business if people cannot text you.  Less than half of businesses offer texting. Many may be interested in your business, but simply will not make the effort to make a phone call or email.  So overcome that hurdle, stay ahead of the competition and offer everyone’s preferred method of communicating through business texting.


98% of all texts are opened and read within 3 minutes of receipt.  A remarkable high rate considering emails and voicemails are a distant second with 22% even being opened. There is no comparison to business texting as an effective communication tool to reach your customers, old and new.  You’ve worked hard to earn your customers business, now you need to keep them coming back. With business texting, you are able to reach out and respond to customers when you want, how they want. It’s a win, win situation!


Yes! 98% of texts are read, and even more impressive, business texting receives a 45% positive response rate compared to email and phone calls at a dismal 1-3% rate.  The all too familiar online ads, email blasts, annoying mass spam texts are becoming common background noise to consumers. Business texting allows an avenue for creative, specific, meaningful, valuable information in a way that feels authentic, and thoughtful. Texting will knock down barriers and build great customer relations.


Let’s face it, we all want things to be convenient.  Convenience might be the biggest motivator we experience. Look at communication through the years, and you’ll see that each next step in technology helps us do less and less to communicate. Writing letters, buying postage, and walking to the post office has turned into pulling out a phone and typing a few words. There’s a smaller barrier to communicating via text than other forms, so texting has become the new default way to communicate. We are obsessed with quick, easy and convenient.  Business texting is more convenient for more people. Texting is easy and simple. Phone calls and emails demand time and energy for both parties. Calls interrupt your customers’ day and land between helpful and annoying. Often emails are long, dull, and are usually deleted on the spot or filtered away. A simple, concise, informative text is short, informal, and very easy to answer at one’s own convenience. No wonder it’s the preferred method of communication.


With just a few clicks a short text can reach one, or reach thousands, of people in just a few seconds of time. The average phone call takes about 2 minutes, which doesn’t seem like much until you realize how many unnecessary calls could be handled with a simple text. A front office employee often answers 50+ calls a day, which can be a huge distraction and create many lost hours of daily productivity. Business texting is a better method to communicate without wasting time and costs only pennies per text.  Texting is convenient because we don’t have to let ourselves be distracted. Texts are read in 5 seconds of being sent, on average, and have a 90-second average response time. That’s incredible!  That’s efficient!


Business texting is real time.  Emails are sent to our inbox, often pre-filtered and often lost. Phone calls go unanswered and voice mails are left for later. Texts are read immediately and response time often is in seconds.  Texts can direct someone to an important email or message. Texts can answer quick questions without interruption. No more waiting on hold or on the computer for service support. Texting offers flexibility.  Using business texting is an indication that your business values time and that issues will be resolved promptly. Texting does not allow for long lengthy discussions. Make sure your business is text-enabled to serve you customers better. 


There are as many uses for business texting as there are businesses!  Every day more effective uses for business texting are discovered. Businesses text to generate new leads and to follow-up with leads. They text to re-engage past customers and to share promotions. Businesses text to give updates, to provide customer service. Texting is a common and flexible communication tool, so businesses use it to communicate for all the reasons they might need such as: Birthday and Anniversary messages, Payment and Billing reminders, Appointment scheduling and reminders, text to landline for customer inquiries, surveys and polls, announcements, promotions, emergencies, focus group texting, customer sales and service, drive customers to website or newsletter, internal workforce coordination, job openings, contests, confirmations and updates.  Text messaging has become a go-to strategy for many businesses as they creatively use this preferred mode of communication in all aspects of business both within a company and as an outreach tool. 


As important as it is to find customers, it is absolutely essential to keep customers. Statistics overwhelmingly show that texting is the preferred method of communication.   So why not be your customers preferred business by offering them texting to your business landline. The fear of being placed on eternal hold and the dread of speaking with anyone in person are why customers prefer to text. Texting offers a convenient solution where customers can conveniently text on the go, about anywhere they are. Responses can occur in a non-intrusive manner.  Two-way text conversations between customers and your business will help build great relations as you stand out from your competitors. Business texting can give you the edge and offer your customers great service and that will keep them coming back. Plus, happy customers often refer their friends and family to your business generating more success.


Texting works great as a lay-up tool. You text to set up a call, to let someone know you just sent them an email with important info, to share a link to your latest blog post, to ask for online reviews, etc. Texting is a powerful tool that is simple to use and helps you reach 1000s of potential customers quickly. Because text messages appear on peoples mobile devices, they feel more personal than other kinds of marketing.  Texting allows businesses reach out without having to invest in extra hardware, labor, printing, or media. Texting prevents leads from going cold. Texting a potential customer after initial contact can increase conversion rates by 112%. Sending 3 or more follow-up text messages to prospects increases conversion by as much as 328%. The best part is texting is a non-intrusive way to send out information about and promote your business.  Business texting will boost your business sales and marketing goals significantly when used properly and in conjunction with other proven methods already in place.


Many businesses are discovering the great value with the use of business texting within a company. Reach employees in the office or out in the field immediately with company announcements, important events,  coordinate staff and board meetings, text reminders, time changes, emergency communications, surveys, updates, check a fact and much more! You can’t assume every employee is attached to their inbox. With internal business texting you can stay in touch with employees, wrap up a conversation, direct them to an important email or follow-through on decisions.  All with little effort and time business texting will help keep business rolling smoothly.


The benefits of business texting are incalculable!  Texting is the single most used feature on the smartphone. There are over 5 billion texters in the world and approximately 277 million texters in the US. Stats show that people text more than they use the internet and 90% have a smart device in their hand or within reach at any given time.

Business text messaging could just be the answer you’re looking for, and it’s staring you in the face every time you hear your phone ding.

Take advantage of this powerful marketing and business communication tool today! Business texting will improve your business, make you stand out from your competitors, help you gain more customers, and make your current customers happier.